Hello! I am K Gopal Krishna, and this is my little space on the internet. I am an aspiring DevOps Engineer and I am currently employed at croit. I am passionate about film and tech and try to punch in a few pieces of writing every now and again. The gaps between the pieces are a bit more sparse than I would like.

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Where do you find me?

I am active on LinkedIn, Telegram, Letterboxd, Mastodon and occasionally, X.

However you can always reach out to me on via email on either my primary email on this domain or my secondary email on riseup.

Some people also ask me for my resume so here it is.


I host a bunch of services, and have been doing so since mid-2019, and here’s an index you might find useful. Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about my infrastructure or if you have issues signing up for them:

NameUsecaseAlternative ToAccessibility
BitwardenManage passwordsLastpassPublic
ImmichStore your picturesGoogle PhotosPrivate
NextcloudCloud storageGoogle DrivePrivate
PrivatebinShare text securelyPastebinPublic
SearXSearch any part of the internetGoogle SearchPublic
Overview of self-hosted services

Additionally, here’s uptime-kuma reporting on incidents: https://status.kayg.org/status/kayg-org


This website is made with:

  • WordPress, which is a great CMS for people who don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty of web design and also for the lazy such as myself who prefer to spend the time doing something else. I’ve already written about my reasoning for choosing WP.
  • Gutenberg, the block editor, which is great for easily chaining together multiple elements into a group with a simple drag and drop of the cursor.
  • Twenty Twenty-Four, the default theme for this year which, much like its predecessor, makes for a great starting point for your own variance of the design.
  • Twentig, a plugin which highly extends the feature set provided by all the tools above.